INNENCO is an innovative company that combines science, innovative technical solutions, and thermal energy storage to meet the demand for low energy buildings, communities, and entire cities worldwide.

The concept cools and heats any building, community or city with less energy through an ecosystem of products connected by our patented distribution system - Active Elements.

It is a durable system that is easy to implement, fully compatible with ISO standards, EU directives, green buildings, smart city standards and we have great results in both hot as well as cold climates.

Let’s meet and discuss how we can reduce energy usage and cost, CO2 emissions and water consumption in your existing buildings or next construction.

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It all starts with our patented distribution system that balances the temperature in the entire building.

By thermal storage, the Innenco technology is able to reduce the overall energy used to heat or cool any construction. Easily put, the system stores and reuses temperatures across the building.

The Innenco system is compatible with all types of energy sources and it works in new constructions as well as retrofitting of old buildings.


Active Elements work in different climate zones within a building to heat or cool all rooms as required. The system will balance the temperature of each room and reuse excess temperatures wherever needed. For each construction method, our energy experts will provide blueprints for optimizing climate zones in all types of buildings.


The system creates balanced temperature zones by redistributing any excess temperatures where it is needed or storing it for later usage.

The system has 10x more flow than traditional systems, which allows the Innenco System to utilize low-temperature changes and store it for later use. The effective flow also allows the system to react fast in any temperature change to always keep the room temperature balanced.

The result is up to 80% less energy consumption compared to traditional systems and 40% compared to passive houses.


The system can scale to achieve even higher energy savings by connecting various constructions with the same principles as in a single building. In this case, instead of reusing the excess temperature in only one building now the system can reuse the excess temperatures from an entire community. This will result in Near-Zero or even self-sustainable communities.


Innenco Viable City Concept allows the system to connect an entire city to achieve optimal savings, in energy, CO2 emissions, and water usage. In this setup, the system works through a complex grid system connecting all buildings, zones, and renewable energy sources to allow a whole city to become Near-Zero.

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There have
been many projects the last decade, here are some

Annual energy usage before
168 750 kWh
Annual energy usage today
47 250 kWh
Annual savings
121 500 kWh
We achieved the annual result of
21 kWh/m²
That's reduced costs by
72 %
Annual energy usage before
59 000 kWh
Annual energy usage today
11 600 kWh
Annual savings
47 400 kWh
We achieved the annual result of
24 kWh/m²
That's reduced costs by
80 %
Annual energy usage before
320 000 kWh
Annual energy usage today
48 000 kWh
Annual savings
272 000 kWh
We achieved the annual result of
8 kWh/m²
That's reduced costs by
85 %


It is important for us to maintain a long-term sustainability for our customers, both financially and environmentally.

Together with our customers we inline the financial aspect of any project to allow everyone to build or retrofit any object while keeping the energy, CO2 and water usage very low. In the early project phases Innenco provides an in dept ROI and Life cycle cost report to ensure that each project is both financially and environmentally viable.

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Project cycle

The Innenco experts will corporate with the project members in each project stage to ensure a smooth implementation.


The team reviews the project scope, blueprints and technical project information, so they can create an initial project plan that gives an overview of the energy savings, system ROI and total Life Cycle Cost/savings.

Project scope & planning

Innenco will work together with existing stakeholders, architects and project managers to provide a feasibility report, 3D drawings and blueprints of the system layout, implementation strategy and project schedule.


The team will deliver the material and install the system together with the installation team. The Q&A team will test and startup the system in accordance with the project schedule. Innenco warranty program reduces risks and assures long-term durability.


Flexible in each step of the project - adopting to your work flow

Innenco is able to support an entire project with in-house resource, starting from the planning phase to the implementation and maintenance phase. The team has vast experience working with both complex projects with various stakeholders, installation teams and builders, as well as working with one team to implement the Innenco system.


Energy simulations

3D drawings & blueprints

Project Management


Key materials

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